ITM Aligarh is committed to develop leaders trained to excel in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Our focus on experiential learning helps our students to develop an array of functional business skills and provides an education that lasts and evolves over a lifetime. The opportunities for group work in ITM Aligarh campus nurture a habit among students to decide, do and create. The state of the art infrastructure, combined with academic rigor and the high level of industry interaction equip our students to perform to the expectation of the corporate world.

Everyone’s mission at ITM is to develop the all-round personality of the students by making them not only excellent professionals but also good individuals of strong character and moral integrity. Our graduates have better understanding and regard for human values as well as pride in their heritage, culture, and a yearning for perfection. Discipline is a way of life at ITM Aligarh. We inculcate in the young trainees an overwhelming desire to become successful in their careers too.

ITM Aligarh maintains its profound commitment to its students and we make every effort to maintain effective and close relationships between students and faculty. Our students leave us with business – oriented skills, knowledge, self-confidence, maturity, and all other attributes required to take off their professional career most successfully. If these are your aspirations while you search for the right business school, then you should not think twice, you can choose ITM for your MBA course.

Prof. S.M Husain